A Bootcamp for Criminals: Inside the Criminal Justice System in America – PDF eBook

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  • Author: Noreen Hermans Eiss
  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 230 Pages
  • Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 1st edition
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1527532275
  • ISBN-13: 9781527532274



A Bootcamp for Criminals: Inside the Criminal Justice System in America – eBook PDF

In America’s criminal justice system, irrespective of the assumption of innocence until one is proved guilty, the accused is usually incarcerated in a county facility pending trials that can be postponed for years. This situation is worsened by the plea bargaining process, which makes those accused admit to crimes they did not do in order to get a lighter sentence, the defendants’ incapability to face an accuser in court, and the incalculable cost to loved ones and communities of the incarcerated. Drawing from the most latest ebooks on America’s prisons and prison reform initiatives, magazine excerpts, journal articles, the latest breaking news politically, and the gut-wrenching stories of people experiencing torturous conditions A Bootcamp for Criminals (PDF) paints a grim picture of a system built on the ethos of power, designed not to reeducate or restore an offender to civil society upon release, but to exact punitive measures to break one’s mind and body, in order to impact a master-slave dynamic to make sure complete control over a submissive inmate population. America continues to love its slaves, and, at the rate, incarceration is growing, no one is safe; major corporations now are exploiting the cheap labor that prisoners provide. The alarming truth is that the for-profit prison template ratcheted up under President Donald Trump is now a well-oiled machine gearing up to operate the full throttle, to incarcerate as many people as possible because mass incarceration equals massive profits.

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